We believe everyone should be well-educated and make the “right” choices to ensure their insurance program adequately protects what’s important to them at the lowest possible long-term cost.

The Philosophy Behind the Level Program

We offer a simple and clear educational and analysis platform so that people are protected and pay the least amount of money possible over the long term.

Insurance companies constantly promote the wide range of choices available and put you in the driver’s seat of making those choices. They will tell you to give them a budget and then they’ll sell you insurance to fit that budget. It’s all about lowest premium cost and speed of receiving an insurance quote.

But, in a way, all of these choices are a bad thing for consumers. How does a consumer know the proper amount of coverage needed? How do they know the best deductibles and contracts to meet their needs? Without the proper training and knowledge, it’s merely guesswork or a gut feeling.

The Holistic Insurance Level Program is a third-party web-based platform providing a credible, scientific and statistical analysis to ensure that insurance policies are adequate, uniform and consistent. That’s what makes protection level. And that’s what provides customers with the highest level of comfort and peace of mind.

If you are an insurance professional, financial planner or accountant, having your customers complete a Holistic Insurance Level Program report will let them know that you truly care about them by recommending the coverages and protection they need at the best possible long-term cost.

If you are a consumer, completing a Holistic Insurance Level Program report can either validate your current coverage or let you know where potential problem areas exist. It is quick and costs about the same amount as lunch at your favorite restaurant. Our report includes a detailed explanation, a plan and a strategy to make sure your insurance program is “whole” and “level,” and that you will maintain the lowest possible cost over time.

In the book "The Paradox of Choice, Why More Is Less" by Barry Schwartz, he writes: “There is a cost to having an overload of choice. Clinging tenaciously to all the choices available to us contributes to bad decisions, to anxiety, stress and dissatisfaction.”

The reality is, most people do not read or compare insurance contract language and are bombarded with too many choices, usually leading to bad choices and subsequent exposure or risk where they do not expect it.

Best Value

Many people – thinking in terms of “apples to apples” quotes – price shop their insurance policies, often never considering the true differences in language.

Best Products

In our opinion, if you just maintain one product through one source, you don’t have insurance protection — you have risk.

Lowest Cost

Consumer insurance costs are a function of several factors. The most important is the language in insurance agreements stating what will and will not be covered under a claim.